Doctor Who's Showrunner Teased A Big Character Meet-Up In The Season Finale, But His Other Comments Have Me Worried

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We're approaching the end of Doctor Who's first season on Disney+, and it looks like my bold prediction about Ncuti Gatwa's Doctor will come to pass. Of course, we still have to get through the two-part finale and, given the hints that showrunner Russell T. Davies is dropping ahead of the episode, I can't help but feel a little worried. So far, it's been teased that two unexpected characters will meet up, and it also sounds like a potentially upsetting development is on the horizon.

Russell T. Davies is responsible for some of Doctor Who's best episodes, and a quick look at those will show that he's not above crafting a sad ending. For that reason, my anxiety is spiking a bit over his small tease ahead of part one of the upcoming season finale, which could end on a low note. 

Russell T. Davies Hinted At A Meeting Between Two Characters

Fans have been waiting to find out who Mrs. Flood is all season, and it looks like we could get some answers on that based on the still from "The Legend Of Ruby Sunday," which is in the EP's Instagram post. Check out the photo below, which shows the first shared scene between Doctor Who cast members Anita Dobson and Angela Wynter: 

Ruby's grandmother, Cherry Sunday, is bedridden, and we haven't seen her interact with Mrs. Flood at all this season, so why are they having a "showdown," as Russell T. Davies said? Cherry looks worried in the photo, which makes me think Mrs. Flood is secretly a villain as I've assumed for some time now. Of course, the EP is as good as anyone at misleading fans with his teases, so I'll reserve my judgment until the actual episode is available to stream with a Disney+ subscription

The Caption In Russell T. Davies' Post Has Me Worried

The Queer as Folk scribe frequently teases upcoming episodes and often fairly cryptic. One of his most common tendencies is the use of emojis, typically pairing two hearts with another emoji. For those who didn't notice it in the post above, here's what he shared for "The Legend Of Ruby Sunday":


Two hearts and a skull? That could mean anything, but the fact they are the same color has me thinking it's tied to The Doctor. Time Lords do have two hearts, after all, which makes the skull more concerning. Surely, he's not teasing that The Doctor will die, right? 

That feels unlikely to me, especially since actors who star in Doctor Who as of late typically remain with the series for around three seasons. I feel like the series would immediately be shooting itself in the foot, having to replace a well-liked star like Ncuti Gatwa and considering he just gained a new love interest -- with Jonathan Groff's franchise debut -- his death feels unlikely. That said, it's not uncommon at all for character to die in the series, so the big question is who we might see bite the dust if that's what's being teased.

I'm hoping Ruby's adopted mother and grandmother are safe but, given Doctor Who loves to kill off characters that are near and dear to the hearts of companions, I could see either being targeted. I also don't know any other deaths that would be as impactful to viewers unless Ruby herself dies. I would hate to see that as well but, given it's been confirmed that Millie Gibson will return next season, I don't see that happening either. 

Doctor Who's "The Legend Of Ruby Sunday" premieres on Disney+ on Friday, June 15th at 7:00 p.m. ET as part of the 2024 TV schedule. I know that I'll be watching live for all the big reveals and to finally find out what's going on with all these mysteries that are piling up. 

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