Regarding advertisements...

Hey, why am I being annoyed by that annoying advertisement?

The stories you’re reading are researched and written by a team of full-time employees and freelancers. In order to pay people for their hard work, we must generate revenue, which is the ads you find so annoying. We do everything we can to strike a balance between monetizing the page in order to pay our contributors and keeping the user experience at a satisfactory level. If you feel we’ve gone too far in one direction, feel free to email us with your concerns. We’re always tweaking and finding the right middle ground.

How can I advertise on this website?

Please contact our internet ad team (advertise@cinemablend.com) for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.

Regarding content on this site...

Is this website appropriate for my kid?

CinemaBlend is written by adults, for adults. That means that, while we do cover subjects related to family-friendly entertainment, we also cover topics that may be deemed inappropriate for people under the age of eighteen.

Hey I spotted a typo in a post, what should I do?

Our writers and editors work very hard to deliver great content to you in a timely manner. As much as we do our best to ensure an informative, entertaining and error-free experience for our readers, typos do slip through from time to time. If you feel compelled to point out a typo or inaccuracy to us, do be polite about it, won't you?

Aren't you paid to say that?

No, we are not paid to say anything, good or bad. CinemaBlend has never and will never accept any money, trips or free booze in exchange for writing something even lukewarm about a topic. We do, however, work with studios, publicists, actors, directors and pretty much everyone else involved in the entertainment industry on a daily basis. We also sometimes accept money from outside companies to help get out the word about a particular movie, product, podcast or whatever else. In those instances, the posts are always very clearly labeled, and those involved with making the articles or videos are never asked to alter their own personal opinions. Now and again, we are also invited to visit movie sets and attend film premieres as part of larger trips with other outlets the studio sets up. We encourage those attending these events in all cases to write openly and honestly, and the studios and publicists have always been good about respecting our right to do so without fear of repercussions.

Hey where did you get that scoop?

The majority of the news articles CinemaBlend covers on a daily basis are based on information that was first published on another site. We do our best in all these cases to credit the proper publication with attribution and a link. A minority of news articles published on CinemaBlend, however, are based on quotes and pieces of information we learned. Usually, these tidbits (and now and again bombshells) are from celebrity interviews, but sometimes we’re also contacted by tipsters who claim to have a piece of information we would be interested in. Whenever this happens, we do our best to ascertain whether this information is correct by emailing studios and publicists. If we are unable to verify the information, the editors meet and decide whether we think there’s any merit to what is being said. If we feel there is, we will run the story and clearly label it as a rumor. If we feel it’s far-fetched or too inflammatory to publish without more information, we will hold it. It’s a gray area, and we do our best to get it right.

Why do you use profanity on this website?

We’re big word people here, and sometimes, the right word or phrase involves profanity. We do our best to be thoughtful when deciding which f-words to use, but if we feel using a strong term is the best way to express what we’re trying to say, our writers and editors have the go-ahead to just say it.

I want to Blend with you guys, how can I be a writer or editor at CinemaBlend?

CinemaBlend has a relatively compact team of writers and editors. It's our goal to hire people with the level of knowledge and enthusiasm that our readers expect to find in every article on the site. We seek out writers who care about movies, TV, games and pop culture as much as (or even more than) our readers do. And we look for writers and editors who are committed to delivering great content for the long haul. For that reason, we aren't hiring often. But when we are, you can find the latest job ads on our jobs page.

Regarding our reviews...

How do you decide who reviews what?

Reviews are generally assigned based on seniority and availability.

What do your review scores mean?

For a rundown on how our star ratings work, go to our Star Ratings Guide. If you want to complain about how many stars we gave your favorite movie, TV show or game, feel free to find us on Twitter and scream as loud as you want.

How do I get my independent film, web series, or new project reviewed?

Unfortunately, we do not have the time nor energy to review anything unsolicited sent to us for review. There are just too many independent projects out there. That being said, we wish you the best of luck. The world needs more creative people who go for it.

What is the purpose of your reviews?

There are way too many movies and television shows to watch every single one of them. The purpose of a review is to give you one perspective on whether or not it’s worth looking into. If you agree with us, that’s great. If not, that’s OK too. We make it our mission to see as many things as possible, and all we promise is to deliver our honest, unbiased opinions in an easy to read format.

I have a review or feature-editorial I'd love for you guys to post on your site. Where can I send it?

We appreciate your interest, but we only publish content from our own writers and editors. If you're interested in writing for us, check our jobs page to see if we're hiring.