Sweatpants That Look Exactly Like Jeans Are The Latest Celeb Fashion Trend, And Sports Illustrated’s Paulina Porizkova Swears By Them

Paulina Porizkova attends red carpet for The Bloomberg 50 in sparkly silver dress.
(Image credit: (Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images for Bloomberg))

Celebrities are often early adopters of new trends and styles, and the latest trend might just fool ya on the streets. Apparently, a formerly popular style of sweatpants that look exactly like jeans are making a comeback, and they are clever enough that some celebs swear by them. That includes Sports Illustrated cover model and occasional character actress Paulina Porizkova.

In fact, the Bull guest star wore the Rag and Bone jeans the first time they were released about a decade ago, but they tragically went out of style, forcing her to look to secondhand markets for new pairs. Then, just a couple of years back Rag and Bone brought the Miramar Line back, enabling her to snap them up. 

Why am I so happy? Because Rag and Bone has finally, finally come back with the ‘jeans’ which are in fact sweatpants. I bought a pair seven years ago, and they are the single most used and precious thing in my closet. I never get on a plane NOT wearing them. I even bought another pair on eBay once, but they were too small. So imagine my delight that they are back! In a couple of different styles and washes.

Porizkova was writing about her beloved pants on Instagram, but it wasn’t even an ad. She just really, really swears by the look. Others do too. In fact, in 2024 they’ve been really catching on, to the point the WSJ recently did a profile on the look, which one fan told the outlet has become “a conversation starter” at parties. As influencer Samantha Zhang noted to the outlet: 

They’re such a great conversation starter. Everyone is legit shocked they’re actually sweatpants.

I know you’re probably skeptical that sweatpants printed to look like denim could remotely resemble the real thing; I was too. Yet, this isn’t really hype. They look good while maintaining comfort, and you can see Paulina Porizkova’s full styling in her post below. 

Celebrities trends have really run the gamut from “no pants” on the red carpet to wild pants with built-in shoes at events. So really, pretending sweatpants are jeans is not the craziest thing we’ve spotted in celebrity fashion. It’s not the most expensive either. Those aforementioned pantashoes from Balenciaga cost thousands and thousands of dollars. The Miramar pants will only set you back a couple hundred, if that. 


Miramar Trompe L'Oeil Low Rise Wide Leg Pants, $175

Sure, that still is a little steep for all budgets, but if I’ve learned one thing, it’s that when celebrity trends catch on like wildfire, they generally catch on at all price points. So if you’re looking for a comfy alternative to your usual denim styles, keep your eyes peeled. There may just be the perfect pair of sweatpants out there for you. In fact, I know of a pair of Rihanna's Savage X Fenty sweatpants that may be the perfect fit. 

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