'We Might Have To Cut This S--t Off' See Halle Berry Hysterically Lose It During Struggle Bus Of Removing A Shirt

Halle Berry's Jo looking worried while inside a room filled with pipes in Moonfall
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I could easily believe there’s no mountain high enough for Halle Berry to conquer, and that she could take a nothing day and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile. (Wait, that’s Mary Tyler Moore…) She’s a phenom, plain and simple. But, you know, even phenoms have their moments when life just doesn’t agree, and it can sometimes take multiple hilariously agonizing minutes to get out of extremely tight designer clothing, as it went for Berry in a truly A+ video she shared with fans.

Berry, still the lone Black winner of a Best Actress Oscar, amusingly shared the video on Instagram herself, despite it being such a hard-fought struggle of a situation for her and stylist Lindsay Flores to get her out of the top designed by Anna Quan. There's literally enough time to make a small bag of popcorn from start to finish, even though you'll want it handy when hitting play.

I don't know about you, but I started applauding like a talent show parent at the end of that video, with so much pride and admiration on display. That looks like it was one of the more helplessly stressful situations to be in where there's no imminent danger involved, and is not something anyone with claustrophobia would want anything to do with. I start getting cold sweats when my bigass head can't get through a collar properly, so to put myself in Berry's shoes would be to literally squeeze myself into her shoes.

Also, big applause for Halle Berry letting body parts rise and fall and swing as the toil and trouble went on. (Like an awkward counterpart to her Mother's Day butt pic.) Though really, it was probably just north of impossible to shield her boobs while her arms were making Tetris shapes to try and get them through the sleeves.

Here's a smattering of outbursts that Berry got out in between fits of hysterical laughter:

  • "Bitch, there's a zipper."
  • "Wait, not over my head. Hold on, let me get my arms out."
  • "Ow! My hair!"
  • "Watch my boobs."
  • "Why do you have me in this?"
  • "You got some scissors?"
  • "Anna Quan, we might have to cut this shit off."
  • [afterward, to the camera] "And y'all just sat there."

Immediately, the comment section for Halle Berry's video was filled with perfecto remarks, with many fans giving her all the praise in the world for making it through that struggle, with this being a standout that I 100% agree with.

This reel is better than most television shows. And also proves that your attention span is actually not that bad, just depends on what you’re watching and I know we were all on the edge of our seats, wondering how this would play out lol. Outfit was not letting go of the Queen.


Speaking of stressful situations, Halle Berry is set to star in Alexandra Aja’s upcoming horror Never Let Go, which released its potentially twist-centric first trailer in May. It’s set to hit theaters on Friday, September 27, while her other big release opposite Mark Wahlberg, Julian Farino’s action-comedy The Union, will appear elsewhere in the 2024 release schedule.

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