Wait, Is The Oscars Finally Considering An Award For Stunts?

Jimmy Kimmel Hosting 2024's 96th Oscars Ceremony
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The very first Academy Awards Ceremony was held on May 16, 1929 and, every year for almost a century, the biggest and brightest stars of Hollywood have gathered to honor all those who have made some of our favorite movie moments possible—well, almost all. One major oversight in many people's minds has been the lack of a stunts category of awards. But there's seemingly a glimmer of hope on the horizon. That oversight could finally be rectified as the Oscars are allegedly considering an award for stunts.

In a groundbreaking move that could change the landscape of the Academy Awards, the Oscars are reportedly considering the addition of a category dedicated to stunt performers. This development is not just a whim but a result of fervent advocacy from some of the most influential figures in the film industry, most notably Ryan Gosling and the team behind his latest action movie, The Fall Guy, which is a film loosely adapted from an '80s TV series. During a recent interview with Empire Magazine, Academy CEO Bill Kramer confirmed that discussions are underway regarding the inclusion of a stunt person category, saying:

We’re talking to members of the stunt community who are Academy members about the possibility of that. We added a new award that will launch in two years for Casting Directors … so we’re always open to those discussions.

Still of Ryan Gosling in The Fall Guy.

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Ryan Gosling, who took on a lot of his own stunts in The Fall Guy, experienced firsthand the intense physical and mental demands placed on stunt performers. The Drive star’s admiration for these daredevils actually traces back to his days as a teen actor on Young Hercules. Watching stunt performers risk their lives on set, only to fade into the background, left a lasting impression on him. Stepping into the shoes of a stuntman for his latest film gave him a deeper appreciation for their hard work and the recognition they deserve. With any luck, the Oscars will soon introduce a category that honors these unsung heroes of Hollywood.

Academy President Janet Yang echoed Bill Kramer’s sentiments, emphasizing the Academy's responsiveness to its members' needs. Yang added:

The Academy is like a living, breathing organism. We listen to our members, and if there’s really strong support and there’s whole mechanisms for how to advance the cause, and they’re interested… That’s what happened with Casting. We’ve created new branches over the decades. So it does evolve, and it evolves with the changing industry.

At the premiere of The Fall Guy, Gosling made a heartfelt plea for recognition of the stunt community. He said: 

They are the hardest-working people in show business. They risk more than anyone. This movie is just a giant campaign to get stunts an Oscar… How do you say thank you to someone that got set on fire eight times for you, jumped from a helicopter, rolled a car eight times for you?

As discussions continue, the film industry and fans alike are buzzing with anticipation for what could be a groundbreaking moment in recognizing the bravery and artistry of stunt performers. The Oscars have long been the gold standard for honoring cinematic excellence, and adding a category for stunts would be a well-deserved nod to those who put everything on the line for the magic of the movies. 

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