Laura Hurley

Laura Hurley

Senior Content Producer

The Background: Laura Hurley is a Senior Content Producer at CinemaBlend. She started at CinemaBlend as a freelancer in 2015 with a strong background in sci-fi and superheroes. She has since gone on to write full time as part of the staff, and covers a wide variety of television across the small screen and streaming. Primetime is her time of day, and she can also be found covering nighttime TV ranging from medical dramas to crime procedurals to sci-fi, and everything in between. She studied English, and is happy to have found a use for it. If it's set in the Dick Wolf TV universe, she watches it. 

What She's Into: Laura's lifetime love of fiction set her up for spending her days writing about television, and she continues to enjoy binge-watching, binge-reading, and going to the movies. Her love of underdog stories set her up for a lifetime of rooting for Cleveland sports teams, which has paid off exactly once in her lifetime. (Thanks, LeBron!) She can still quote The X-Files and will happily do so over a plate of pad thai. 

What She's Excited About Right Now: Ahsoka, Barbie pink, the day that scripted TV comes back, and the end of the Droughtlander before Outlander Season 7 returns

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