Jessica Rawden

Jessica Rawden

Managing Editor

The Background: Jessica Rawden is Managing Editor at CinemaBlend. She’s been kicking out news stories at CinemaBlend since 2007 and joined the full-time staff in 2014. She oversees news content, hiring and training for the site, and her areas of expertise include theme parks, rom-coms, Hallmark (particularly Christmas movie season), reality TV, celebrity interviews and primetime. She loves a good animated movie. 

Jessica has a Masters in Library Science degree from Indiana University, and used to be found behind a reference desk most definitely not shushing people. She now uses those skills in researching and tracking down information in very different ways. 

What She’s Into: A former soccer player and recent tennis addict, Jessica also enjoys running, both of the distance and sprint variety. When not at the movie theater or in a theme park, her other free time is spent in book clubs, hiking, drinking wine, binge-watching, keeping tabs on celebrity fashion and riding rollercoasters. Has a serious Hallmark habit and an even bigger record-buying habit. Will bake for compliments. 

What She’s Excited About Right Now:  Hallmark Christmas movie season. Wearing socks to bed.      

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