Captain America: Brave New World CinemaCon Footage Hints At The Future Of The Avengers In The MCU

Anthony Mackie as Captain America in "Falcon and Winter Soldier."
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Marvel Studios has been hard at work on a number of exciting upcoming projects that will be packing audiences in theaters in the coming months, and studio president Kevin Feige appeared in Las Vegas for CinemaCon 2024 to tease the future. Before unveiling footage from this summer’s highly anticipated (and rauchy) Deadpool & Wolverine – which looks terrific – Feige invited Anthony Mackie to the stage to reveal the first exclusive footage from the fourth Captain America movie, titled Captain America: Brave New World. And in the footage shown, we got a major hint about what’s next for the Avengers.

The scenes that we were shown opened up at The White House, where “Thunderbolt” Ross (now played by Harrison Ford) is meeting with Sam Wilson (Mackie), the new Captain America. They make a big deal about Wilson’s work down in Mexico, and he tasks Wilson with rebuilding the Avengers. Wilson looks confused. The Avengers? What even is that team anymore? But President Ross is adamant that the world needs protectors. And while he admits that he hasn’t always seen the need for heroes – hello, Captain America: Civil War – he’d like Wilson to take on this role.

Not that Wilson leaps at the opportunity. Because of the effects of both The Winter Soldier and Civil War, Wilson wants to know what happens if and when he disagrees with Ross on the way that laws should be enforced. You can tell that this is a hero who has been burned by authority, and he isn’t fired up to let it happen to him again.

Anthony Mackie as Falcon

(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

The second scene that was shown was more of an action beat. Ross is on stage presenting to a group of world leaders, but his speech is cut short as music begins to play over speakers. The music triggers men in the audience to start acting like robots. They’re in a trance from the music. One of the men is Isaiah Washington (Carl Lumbley), an early version of the Super Soldier who – under the trance – tries to assassinate the president. Sam Wilson springs into action (not in his suit) and subdues the attackers. But it’s clear someone is gunning for our president.

I’m very intrigued by the suggestion of a New Avengers. It makes total sense for Mackie’s Sam Wilson to lead it, but who else would he recruit? At the end of The Marvels, Iman Vellani was recruiting Hailee Steinfeld for a Young Avengers. But that can’t be the main team. Even though there have been plenty of other signs that the MCU will feature them.

But because we know that there are two upcoming Avengers films, there has to be a team, and so we expect Captain America to start recruiting folks, and soon. The footage for Captain America: Brave New World looked great. It was grounded and suspenseful, with the right amount of action. And I love seeing Ford in the MCU. We’ll have more on all of the upcoming Marvel movies here in CinemaBlend.

Sean O'Connell
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