All The Canceled And Ending TV Shows In 2024

The 2024 TV schedule is now in the summer season, and while we're now definitely past the gigantic cancellation bloodbath that always happen every May, there are still many months to go when networks may decide to further tighten the proverbial purse strings and axe more series.

Here’s a rundown of all the big TV series that were suddenly canceled or ended their already doomed runs this year, as well as everything that came to more of an amicable and pre-planned conclusion. (This article will be updated regularly as announcements are made.)

Walker (The CW)

Close-up of Jared Padalecki's Cordell looking worried in Walker Season 4

(Image credit: The CW)

Amid all the big cancellations that have gone down at The CW since it was bought out by Nexstar, Jared Padalecki’s Walker seemed to be a safe bet for renewals, but that streak of luck ended on May 21 when the network made it official that the western-tinged drama would be ending with its ongoing fourth season, a little over a year after its spinoff Walker: Independence was canceled after a single season.

Final Episode: Airing June 26, 2024

The Conners (ABC)

While it technically wasn’t meant to last longer than a season, The Conners managed to join its predecessor Roseanne in making it beyond 100 episodes. The cast’s contracts are renewed each and every year, making renewals an annual concern for viewers, and it amicably agreed by all involved this time around that Season 7 would be the final run, with six “very big event” episodes set to debut in early 2025.

Final Episode: TBA Early 2025

Tokyo Vice (Max)

First ordered to series in 2019, Max’s crime drama Tokyo Vice finally debuted in 2022, with Ansel Elgort portraying journalist Jake Adelstein (who wrote the memoir source material), and Ken Watanabe as his guiding light of a Toyko detective. The second season aired from February-April 2024, concluding its story with the finale “Endgame.” In June 2024, via THR, the show’s producers confirmed that the show would not be returning for Season 3, and that it was always envisioned for a two-season run, with Elgort only having signed on for two years.

Final Episode: Aired April 4, 2024

Extended Family (NBC)

Despite having Mike O’Malley as a creator and a star trio in Jon Cryer, Donald Faison and Abigail Spencer, the NBC sitcom Extended Family was one of many shows whose production was sidelined right in the middle of production due to the Hollywood strikes, and though it was able to start filming again relatively quickly, the network gave it an arguably ill-timed pre-Christmas premiere, but that still ended up being its largest audience and demo rating, with neither rising to the same heights at any other point.

Final Episode: Aired March 26. 2024

The Witcher (Netflix)

Geralt in The Witcher Season 3

(Image credit: Netflix)

In December 2022, Liam Hemsworth was announced to be replacing Henry Cavill in Netflix's fantasy adaptation The Witcher Season 4 and beyond. Then in April 2024, as the fourth season's production start was revealed, Netflix officially put in the order for a fifth and final season, confirming that the final three novels in the series will be brought to live-action in those seasons.

Final Episode: TBA 2025/2026

Station 19 (ABC)

Even after prior showrunner Krista Vernoff exited the role at the end of Season 6, Station 19’s fate didn’t seem to be in jeopardy. But after the firefighter drama returned to post-strike production in December 2023, ABC announced that the seventh season would be the final stretch for Jaina Lee Ortiz, Jason George and the rest of the actors comprising the firestation’s crew.

Final Episode: Aired May 30, 2024

Death and Other Details (Hulu)

Despite our efforts to not allow Death and Other Details to fall victim to Hulu’s cancellation spree, the streamer announced that the Mandy Patinkin-led murder mystery would not return for a second season, continuing the frustrating practice of canceling shows after just one season. This is especially upsetting, as creators Mike Weiss and Heidi Cole McAdams had originally hoped for five to seven seasons, and had built the potential for longevity into the show’s DNA.

Final Episode: Aired March 5, 2024

The Handmaid's Tale (Hulu)

Fans have had quite a while to anticipate Elisabeth Moss’ swan song as June Osborne in The Handmaid’s Tale. Hulu ordered up the sixth and final season of the popular dystopian drama back in September 2022, just ahead of the Season 5 premiere. Since then: a lot of waiting for more details.

Final Episode: TBA

NCIS: Hawaii (CBS)

Vanessa Lachey standing in front of boats in Season 3 of NCIS: Hawai'i.

(Image credit: Photo: Karen Neal/CBS ©2024 CBS)

The fourth series in the NCIS franchise, NCIS: Hawai’i debuted in 2021 to decent numbers, and though the average stats dipped in Season 2, they rose back up for the strike-delayed third season. Unfortunately, those ten episodes now serve as the unplanned final season, as CBS canceled it weeks before the finale aired, much to the surprise and chagrin of the cast and crew. Making matters worse is the idea that CBS’ already filled schedule was more the cause than anything wrong with NCIS: Hawai’i itself.

Final Episode: Aired May 6, 2024

That Girl Lay Lay (Nickelodeon)

It’s been a rough time over at Nickelodeon with the airing of the docuseries Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV and amidst the fallout, the network has quietly canceled two series, including That Girl Lay Lay. The show, which ran for two seasons, featured Sadie getting into some pretty wild situations with Lay Lay, the AI avatar who Sadie wished to life.

Final Episode: Aired March 20, 2024

Erin & Aaron (Nickelodeon)

The second series that got the ax from the kids network was Erin & Aaron, a one-season show that starred Ava Ro and Jensen Gering as step-siblings with different personalities who bond over music after their parents get married. Its 12-episode season concluded last June.

Final Episode: Aired June 29, 2023

The Brothers Sun (Netflix)

Fronted by Michelle Yoeh, Justin Chien, Sam Song Li and more, The Brothers Sun high-kicked its way onto Netflix with audience-pleasing verve, telling the story of a Taiwanese mobster attempting to keep his mother safe in the aftermath of his father’s assassination. Despite positive reviews from critics and fans, and despite having Ryan Murphy’s producer partner Brad Falchuk as co-creator, Netflix canceled The Brothers Sun and sent it into the sunset in early March 2024.

Final Episode: Aired January 4, 2024

CSI: Vegas (CBS)

Season 3 cast photo for CSI: Vegas with Marg Helgenberger

(Image credit: Photo: Robert Voets/CBS ©2024 CBS Broadcasting, Inc)

The CSI-verse was resurrected in 2021 for CBS' follow-up crime drama CSI: Vegas, with several O.G. actors (William Petersen, Jorja Fox, Marg Helgenberger) returning during the three-season run. The Season 3 viewership was notably higher than in the second, but the network backed itself into a cancellation over a reported lack of space in its upcoming primetime schedules.

Final Episode: May 19, 2024

Obliterated (Netflix)

Amidst the streaming success of Cobra Kai, creators Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg co-created a completely different kind of action dramedy with Obliterated, in which Nick Zano, Shelley Hennig and more tried to stop a nuclear attack while under the influence of all manner of booze and drugs. Less than three months later, Netflix put a stop to the mission and canceled it.

Final Episode: Aired November 30, 2023

Our Flag Means Death (Max)

Max’s pirate-tastic original Our Flag Means Death debuted to much acclaim with both seasons, winning over fans with its mix of comedy, swashbuckling, and relationships between characters played by Taika Waititi, Rhys Darby and more. Max execs did not share any specific reasons for the early January cancellation news, but given all the critical attention, its fate likely came down to a limited audience.

Final Episode: Aired October 26, 2023

Uncoupled (Showtime)

After Showtime saved Neil Patrick Harris’ rom-com series Uncoupled from Netflix cancellation, that network too has decided not to go forward with a second season. It’s the latest example of a series getting canceled, uncanceled, then canceled again.

Final Episode: Aired July 29, 2022

HouseBroken (Fox)

animals in Housebroken

(Image credit: Fox)

A more mature and nuanced take on the Secret Lives of Pets approach, HouseBroken followed a group of neighborhood animals who met for a therapy group, with Lisa Kudrow, Will Forte, Tony Hale and more TV vets in the voice cast. The show ran for two seasons, with the second ending in August 2023, and it wasn’t until May 2024 when Fox officially confirmed the animated comedy was canceled. According to Animation Magazine, network reps cited low ratings as the reason behind the ax dropping.

Final Episode: Aired August 6, 2023

La Brea (NBC)

Natalie Zea and Eoin Macken’s super-bonkers sci-fi drama La Brea has faced an uphill battle critically, but developed a fanbase with its unpredictable twists. Though NBC wasn’t willing to keep the show going for much longer, the network ordered a shortened third season in January 2023 that was revealed to be the final run.

Final Episode: Aired February 13, 2024

Scavengers Reign (Max)

Based on their 2016 short film Scavengers, Joseph Bennett and Charles Huettner’s adult-skewing animated sci-fi tale Scavengers Reign quickly won over fans and critics upon meeting its cargo ship crew in October 2023, and it continued gaining word of mouth in the months that followed. So it was somewhat surprising in May 2024 when Max suddenly canceled the series without a second season. There may be good news coming, however, as Netflix acquired the first season, and will choose whether or not to produce a second season after its debut.

Final Episode: Aired November 9, 2023

Raven’s Home (Disney Channel)

In a rare case of a cancellation with good news attached, Disney Channel execs announced Raven-Symoné’s sitcom spinoff Raven’s Home would not be returning for Season 7, and the sixth season that ended in September 2023 would be its swan song. However, Disney also set up a new overall creative deal with Raven-Symoné that includes a pilot order for the new spinoff Alice in the Palace, with Mykal-Michelle Harris set to reprise the role.

Final Episode: Aired September 23, 2023

Young Sheldon (CBS)

Sheldon Cooper in Young Sheldon

(Image credit: CBS)

Though The Big Bang Theory lasted for 12 seasons on CBS, it wouldn’t have been so logical for its prequel Young Sheldon to match that span, given its ever-aging star Iain Armitage. So even though co-creators Chuck Lorre and Steve Molaro have stated the story could have gone on, CBS revealed the previously ordered seventh season would be the final one, and that its storyline would continue in a Georgie and Mandy spinoff.

Final Episode: Aired May 16, 2024

Evil (Paramount+)

One of TV’s most unpredictable series, the supernatural genre-masher Evil majorly flourished upon moving from CBS to Paramount+, and was able to take its tag team of science and religion to some dark and bizarro places three seasons so far, with the upcoming fourth season set to serve as its final romp. The show was officially released canceled in mid-February, though with four additional episodes ordered to help close out the story, though Katja Herbers still jokingly attempted to get Netflix’s attention for a possible renewal, but nothing shook out from that.

Final Episode: TBA

Star Wars: The Bad Batch (Disney+)

Though not the most vital of all the Star Wars shows on Disney+, the action-filled animated series Star Wars: The Bad Batch has still been a core part of the franchise’s small-screen success. And the Dave Filoni-created series will wrap up its clone-heavy story with a 15-episode third season.

Final Episode: Aired May 1, 2024

Hightown (Starz)

Starz’s crime drama Highland took Monica Raymund’s state trooper Jackie Quiñones to some dark places in its first two seasons, and she’ll have one more shot at bringing justice to Cape Cod’s endangered sex workers. The premium cabler ordered up a third season for Hightown in March 2022, and only revealed during the lead-up to its release that Season 3 will be the final one.

Final Episode: Aired March 8, 2024

What We Do In The Shadows (FX)

Laszlo, Nadya, Nandor, Colin Robinson

(Image credit: FX)

Quite possibly one of the greatest movie-to-TV adaptations/spinoffs, FX’s gore-soaked and award-winning comedy What We Do in the Shadows was initially ordered for its fifth and sixth seasons back in June 2022. It was only in December 2023 that the network fully confirmed that Season 6 will be the last one, likely due in part to a steady decline in linear viewers.

Final Episode: TBA

The Good Doctor (ABC)

To the shock of TV viewers and industry insiders alike, 2024 was less than two weeks old when ABC canceled The Good Doctor, despite it being ratings-consistent, and despite the reported interest from cast members about continuing on. It’s unclear exactly what went into the decision, from strike delays to financial wariness, but fans will at least have the chance to say goodbye via the 10-episode Season 7.

Final Episode: Aired May 21 2024

Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO)

Larry David’s cringe-centric HBO comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm has been around since 2000, but with spaced-out seasons for the bulk of its run, based on when its creator was inspired enough to return to Faux Larry’s world. And after years of speculation about when the always hilarious series could actually end, David made the pretty-pretty-pretty good decision to make Season 14 the last one.

Final Episode: Aired April 7, 2024

So Help Me Todd (CBS)

As one of the more unique original series in CBS' primetime lineup, So Help Me Todd won over audiences with its offbeat mother-son relationship and non-procedural storylines, and was drawing in 4+ million viewers with nightly episodes, with millions more watching in delayed viewing. But with its upcoming programming slate already filled to the brim, the network pulled the plug on the Wright family's investigations.

Final Episode: Aired May 16, 2024

Superman & Lois (The CW)

Superman facing off against Lex Luthor in Superman & Lois

(Image credit: The CW)

As the CW’s final DC Comics outing in the wake of the Arrowverse, Superman & Lois Season 4 will follow up on Season 3’s overarching clash between Tyler Hoechlin’s Clark and Michael Cudlitz’s Lex Luthor. The fourth season was ordered in June 2023, months after The CW was taken over by Nexstar, which jettisoned the majority of the network’s original series after the acquisition, with quite a few casting changes being necessary for the renewal.

Final Episode: TBA

This Fool (Hulu)

Spearheaded by Corporate’s trio of Matt Ingebretson, Jake Weisman and Pat Bishop, as well as stand-up comedian Chris Estrada, This Fool hilariously puts its spotlight on L.A.’s cholo culture, centering on Estrada’s goal-minded Julio and his just-out-of-prison cousin Luis (portrayed with A+ gusto by Frankie Quiñones). With Sopranos vet Michael Imperioli also co-starring, This Fool lasted two seasons before Hulu pulled the plug in Feb. 2024, seven months after Season 2 debuted.

Final Episode Aired July 28, 2023

Rap Sh*t (Max)

Issa Rae’s second series created for Max through her overall deal, which sparked by the success of HBO’s Insecure, Rap Sh*t followed the hilarious and often intense journey of Aida Osman and KaMillion’s Miami rappers Shawna and Mia. Its strike-delayed second season was released in November 2023 to widespread acclaim, though they couldn’t seduce and scheme their way into a third season, and Max canceled the series in January 2024.

Final Episode: Aired December 21, 2023

Blue Bloods (CBS)

One of TV’s most under-discussed and most-watched series, Blue Bloods was revealed by CBS to be ending with its 14th season, giving fans one more year of Reagan family dinners to appreciate. Unlike most series facing strike-hampered final seasons, Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg’s legal-minded drama is getting an extended 18-episode swan song, which will be split across 2024.

Final Episode: TBA

The Umbrella Academy (Netflix)

Lila and Viktor glowing in The Umbrella Academy

(Image credit: Netflix)

There are only so many times a group of powered-up misfits can save the planet for apocalyptic devastation, so perhaps it makes sense that The Umbrella Academy is capping its run on Netflix at four seasons, with the final year set to give the Hargreeves siblings their biggest challenges yet. Netflix revealed back in August 2022 that the show only had one batch of eps left to wrap things up. The Umbrella Academy Season 4 has yet to reveal any concrete info about what to expect.

Final Episode: August 8, 2024

Dave (FXX)

Considering some of the ridiculously risqué moments that went down on FXX’s Dave, it’s kind of amazing we got three full seasons of the coming-of-race comedy centered on co-creator Dave Burd’s rapper persona Lil Dicky. And while the musician’s fictionalized universe could return in the future, Burd made the call in early February to step away from the series to focus on his music career and other opportunities.

Final Episode: Aired May 31, 2023

Secrets Of Sulphur Springs (Disney Channel)

Soap opera writers Tracey Thompson and Charles Pratt Jr. brought their talents to The Disney Channel for missing-person mysteries, ghosts and more paranormal fun in Secrets of Sulphur Springs. The show aired for three seasons, with its third suffering a fairly noteworthy drop in viewership, which is possibly what influenced execs to cancel the series in January 2024.

Final Episode: Aired on May 5, 2023

Chad (Roku Channel)

Created by Saturday Night Live vet Nasim Pedrard all the way back in 2016 for Fox, the high school comedy Chad later shifted to TBS, where its first season aired. Before the pandemic-stalled Season 2 could arrive, the cable channel axed most of its original content, Chad included. Months later, Roku Channel stepped up as the new home for the already filmed season, confirming no more were on the way.

Final Episode: Aired January 19, 2024

Star Trek: Lower Decks (Paramount+)

Star Trek: Lower Decks crew

(Image credit: Paramount+)

In its first three seasons, Star Trek: Lower Decks delivered more than enough canon-skewing sci-fi comedy to rank among the best animated series of all time, and it seemed like there was enough creative energy to keep the crew in space for many years. But it was when announcing Strange New World's Season 4 renewal that Paramount+ revealed Lower Decks' fifth season will be its last. No word on whether characters will make the jump to live-action.

Final Episode: Late 2024

The Flight Attendant (Max)

Big Bang Theory vet Kaley Cuoco jumped from broadcast sitcoms to streaming thrillers with Max’s The Flight Attendant, whose first season garnered awards buzz. The second run seemingly wasn’t on the same level of popularity or success, and it took Max until January 2024 to confirm the show wouldn’t be back for Season 3. Kaley Cuoco’s response to the news drew attention to the fact that the show was envisioned as more of a limited series anyway.

Final Episode: Aired April 21, 2022

Wolf Pack (Paramount+)

It seemed like a dream pairing for Teen Wolf and Criminal Minds creator Jeff Davis to team with Buffy vet Sarah Michelle Gellar for a new drama about a town affected by werewolf attacks. Alas, its first and only season didn’t move the meter too drastically when it arrived on Paramount+ in 2023, and it wasn’t wildly surprising when Paramount+ revealed in January 2024 that the show wouldn’t return for Season 2.

Final Episode: Aired March 16, 2023

Bob Hearts Abishola (CBS)

After four steady seasons on CBS’ Monday night schedule, the network ordered up Season 5 in January 2023, with April bringing the surprising update that 11 of the sitcom’s 13 series regulars were being demoted to recurring roles, and that none of them would appear for more than 5 episodes each. Seven months later, in November, CBS made the call to cancel the show’s forward progress after Season 5.

Final Episode: Aired May 13, 2024

The Other Black Girl (Hulu)

Ashleigh Murray and Sinclair Daniel in The Other Black Girl

(Image credit: Hulu)

Based on the 2021 novel by Sakiya Dalila Harris, who co-developed the show with Rashida Jones, The Other Black Girl starred Sinclair Daniel as a book editor caught up in a potential conspiracy involving her bosses and co-workers, including Ashleigh Murray, Bellamy Young and Eric McCormack. Hulu made the call in May 2024 to cancel the dramedy without a second season.

Final Episode: Aired September 13, 2023

Schmigadoon! (Apple TV+)

With Apple TV+’s Schmigadoon!, co-creators Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio checked all the right boxes for episodic musicals, even winning the 2022 Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics. But Season 2’s focus on Chicago didn’t create quite the same rhythmic buzz, and in January 2024, Paul shared on Instagram that despite Season 3 being written, with 25 songs planned out, the streaming service wouldn’t be going forward with it.

Final Episode: Aired May 3, 2023

Vikings: Valhalla (Netflix)

A sequel to Michael Hirst’s cable hit Vikings, Jeb Stuart’s streaming sequel Vikings: Valhalla was seemingly always destined for at least a three-season run, with reports of Netflix granting it a 24-episode order in November 2019. Those upcoming eight episodes were filmed between May and October 2022, and it was a year later when Stuart revealed it will serve as the final season.

Final Episode: TBA

Minx (Starz)

As Jake Johnson and Ophelia Lovibond’s comedy about an erotic magazine, Minx, was in the final stages of finishing up Season 2, Max pulled the plug, with Starz stepping in to help pay for the production to be completed. Unfortunately, the premium cable channel made it clear in early January 2024 that a third season isn’t on the horizon.

Final Episode: Aired September 8, 2023

Constellation (Apple TV+

Noomi Rapace in Constellation

(Image credit: Apple TV+)

Apple TV+ is arguably the best streaming service for original sci-fi TV shows, even if promising projects such as Noomi Rapace and Jonathan Banks’ psychological thriller Constellation don’t always get to make it beyond a single season. The series, which followed the aftermath of a deadly collision involving the ISS, debuted to largely acclaim in February 2024, but it was quietly canceled by the streaming service just six weeks after the season concluded.

Final Episode: Aired March 27, 2024

Bunk'd (Disney Channel)

One of The Disney Channel’s longest-running live-action series, the Jessie spinoff Bunk’d has given viewers going on seven seasons of misadventures at Camp Kikiwaka (and later at Kikiwaka Ranch), with Miranda May and more. Following the first batch of strike-delayed episodes airing, Disney announced that Season 7 was being extended to 22 episodes, and that the series would wrap at that point.

Final Episode: TBA

Primo (Freevee)

Co-executive produced by The Good Place and Parks and Rec creator Michael Schur, Primo was a coming-of-age comedy created by (and based on the Texas upbringing of) writer Shea Serrano, which was first pitched to ABC back in 2017. It took five years to get the Latino-fronted series into production — it eventually landed on Freevee — and the show earned widespread acclaim with its eight-episode season. Unfortunately, Freevee canceled the series in May 2024, though Serrano claimed at the time that the series would be shopped around at other studios.

Final Episode: Aired May 19, 2023

High School (Freevee)

Oddly enough, High School first arrived on Freevee back in October 2022, with Clea DuVall helping musician duo Tegan and Sara adapt their memoir of the same name for TV. Following its critically acclaimed eight-episode run, fans heard relatively zero news about the show’s future until May 2024, when THR reported its cancellation. At one point, the Amazon-owned network reportedly tasked DuVall with setting up a mini writers room for Season 2 scripts, which were reportedly finished at the time the cancellation was confirmed.

Final Episode: October 28, 2022

Quantum Leap (NBC)

Ben and Addison in Quantum Leap

(Image credit: NBCUniversal)

For two seasons, Quantum Leap fans watched the reboot's Ben and Addison play out their love story amidst jaunts across space and time. Their ability to start leaping together is perhaps the silver lining when it comes to NBC canceling the sci-fi drama in April 2024 without a third season.

Final Episode: Aired February 20, 2024

grown-ish (Freeform)

Freeform’s grown-ish didn’t quite make it to the eight-season mark set by its predecessor black-ish, but has still enjoyed a lengthy run for a network-shifted spinoff. The dramedy’s sixth season was ordered up in January 2023, with the news dropping two months later that those episodes would wrap up Zoey and Junior Johnson’s stories. The first half of the season aired in the summer months of 2023, with the back half debuting at some point in 2024.

Final Episode: TBA

SEAL Team (Paramount+)

With the military drama having shifted to Paramount+ from CBS ahead of its fifth season, SEAL Team’s cast and crew first got the good news in January 2023 that Season 7 was ordered up, and then ten whole months later, the streaming service affirmed that those episodes would be SEAL Team’s final tour. The strike-delayed production kicked off in January 2024, so fans can expect it to be a late-year arrival.

Final Episode: TBA

Tacoma FC (truTV)

Co-created by Broken Lizard troupe members Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme, Tacoma FD did for the firefighter profession what the sketch group’s Super Troopers films did for cops. Co-starring Hassie Harrison, Eugene Cordero, Marcus Henderson and Gabriel Hogan, the comedy mixed hilarious professional ineptitude with surreal and silly humor, and earned itself a four-season run in the process. Unfortunately, none of the show’s captains or commissioners could pull enough weight to make Season 5 happen, as truTV canceled it in February 2024.

Final Episode: Aired October 5, 2023

My Brilliant Friend (HBO)

Elena and Lila in My Brilliant Friend Season 4

(Image credit: HBO)

One of HBO’s most acclaimed and under-discussed originals in recent years, the coming-of-age drama My Brilliant Friend was first developed in 2016 with the goal of adapting the popular Neapolitan Novels attributed to the writer pseudonym Elena Ferrante. With the first three season having aired in 2018, 2020, and 2022, the stage is set for the final eight episodes to take viewers to the last era in the lives of BFFs Elena and Raffaella.

Final Episode: TBA

Big Mouth (Netflix)

One of the relatively rare scripted Netflix Originals to extend all the way to eight seasons, the Nick Kroll-starring animated hit Big Mouth has presumably earned its consistent renewals, with seemingly no limit to the amount of pubescent and hyper-hormonal chaos in the teen characters’ lives. The streaming service revealed in April 2023 that Season 8 will cap off Nick and Andrew’s masturbatory adventures, which outlasted the two-season run of spinoff Human Resources.

Final Episode: TBA

Good Trouble (Freeform)

The spinoff of the fan-favorite drama The Fosters, Freeform’s Good Trouble made it through four-and-a-half ratings-challenged seasons so far. In December 2023, around seven months after the first half of Season 5 aired, the Disney-owned channel confirmed that Good Trouble would be done-zo after the back half of the fifth season dropped in early 2024. Freeform was reportedly interested in continuing the drama, but budget issues forced the execs’ hands.

Final Episode: February 27, 2024

American Born Chinese (Disney+)

Based on the 2006 graphic novel of the same name, the fantastical action-comedy American Born Chinese won over audiences with its stacked cast (including Oscar winners Ke Huy Quan and Michelle Yeoh) and embrace of various cultures, albeit with some criticism sprinkled throughout. Despite its popularity, Disney canceled the show after the cast members’ contract options expired.

Final Episode: Aired May 24, 2023

Magnum P.I. (NBC)

Jay Hernandez and Perdita Weeks in Magnum PI Season 5

(Image credit: NBC)

Few TV dramas, network or otherwise, went through quite the same year that Magnum P.I.'s cast and crew did in 2002, when it was canceled by CBS and then subsequently saved with a 20-episode order from NBC. While that gave the Jay Hernandez character more time to build into a better close-out, the network didn’t take that long before dropping its own axe, canceling Magnum P.I. anew in June 2023.

Final Episode: Aired on January 3, 2024

World On Fire (PBS)

Created for BBC One in the U.K., the war drama World on Fire made its way stateside as part of PBS’ Masterpiece, debuting its first WWII-set season back in 2019, nearly four years before the start of its second and final season. Despite a stacked cast that included Helen Hunt, Sean Bean and more, World on Fire’s numbers dropped in its second season, and it was canceled without fanfare in Feb. 2024, before creator Peter Bowker could deliver on a third season that depicted the U.S.’ entry into the war.

Final Episode: Aired November 19

Julia (Max)

Led in part by the stretch of star Sarah Lancashire as the titular culinary legend Julia Child, Max’s biographical dramedy Julia earned creator Daniel Goldfarb mostly compliments and lauding with its pair of eight-episode seasons. Max reps didn’t share any reasoning behind the show’s cancellation news that dropped in January 2024, but a smaller-than-desired viewership is likely a big factor.

Final Episode: December 21, 2023

Still Up (Apple TV+)

Several top-notch UK comedy actors joined forces for the Apple TV+ dramedy Still Up, which followed the late-night bonding between The Good Doctor’s Antonia Thomas and Red Oaks’ Craig Roberts as Lisa and Danny, respectively. It debuted in September 2023 to largely positive reactions, if quiet ones, and all remained fairly quiet until May 2024, when the streaming service canceled the series without a second season.

Final Episode: October 27, 2023

Bupkis (Peacock)

Joe Pesci and Pete Davidson in Bupkis

(Image credit: Peacock)

Pete Davidson’s semi-autobiographical dramedy Bupkis will not see a second season on Peacock after all. Despite the series receiving a new order and production set to begin this summer, the comedian appears to have put the kibosh on the project. In a statement, the former SNL cast member called the show the part of his career that he’s “most proud of,” however, he said, “I do also feel that this part of my life is finished.”

Final Episode: Aired May 4, 2023

LA Fire and Rescue (NBC)

Dick Wolf has found a lot of success with his fictional procedurals, but his unscripted offering for NBC, LA Fire and Rescue, didn’t have the longevity of some of his other projects. The reality series that showed the daily life of firefighters protecting their communities was canceled after a single eight-episode season.

Final Episode: Aired August 9, 2023

Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge (NBC)

Another single-season casualty over at NBC is Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge. This competition series pit its contestants against each other, tasking them with giving Hot Wheels-inspired makeovers to cars that held sentimental value in hopes of nabbing a $25,000 grand prize.

Final Episode: Aired August 8, 2023

The Upshaws (Netflix)

The family comedy from co-creators Wandy Sykes and Regina Y. Hicks has enjoyed a sporadic run on Netflix, with Mike Epps and Kim Fields leading the fray as the parental figures for the Upshaw clan. Ahead of the sitcom’s fourth season (which is being dubbed Part 6), the streaming service ordered a fifth and final season on June 7, 2024, which will run for 12 episodes.

Final Episode: TBA

All American: Homecoming (The CW)

Simone, Nathaniel and Keisha sitting in the bleachers at a football game in All-American: Homecoming Season 3 premiere

(Image credit: The CW)

The CW is down to just a single scripted original series leftover from the pre Nexstar buyout, All American, following the network’s execs making the call to end the follow-up drama All American: Homecoming after its third season, which is set to premiere on Monday, July 8. While the series is popular among younger demographics, that crowd wasn’t big enough to justify a new season as the network continues transitioning to content that draws in older viewers.

Final Episode: TBA

The Girls On The Bus (Max)

Based on Amy Shozick’s 2018 memoir Chasing Hillary, with the author serving as co-creator alongside Julie Plec, the political drama The Girls on the Bus debuted on Max in March bolstered by talents such as Melissa Benoist (who also produced), Carla Gugino and Christina Elmore. Unfortunately, the 10-episode first season’s impact on critics and audiences wasn’t overwhelming enough to secure a second season, and Max’s execs canceled it outright in late May, just two weeks after the finale aired.

Final Episode: Aired May 9, 2024

Ratched (Netflix)

Sarah Paulson reteamed with her American Horror Story boss Ryan Murphy to take on the iconic literary character Nurse Ratched for a standalone Netflix series that predated Jack Nicholson'a flight over the cuckoo’s nest. Though it was given a two-season order from the start, and though its viewership numbers were nothing to sneeze at, Netflix quietly reversed plans for Season 2, and Paulson herself let the cat-ched out of the bag in early February 2024 (via X).

Final Episode: Aired September 18, 2020

The total number of projects facing their endgames in 2024 continues to grow from week to week, and will no doubt expand even more as the May finale season hits. Stay tuned for more updates.

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